Saturday, July 19, 2008

Aloha doesn't mean judging

The other day while surfing at my local spot a relative "newcomer" dropped in
on me.  We shared the wave. Rather than get angry at the drop in I decided to
 enjoy watching him on the nose of his board as we rode it together.  There was plenty 
of room on the wave for us both since the surf was playful, in the stomach high range.

The next morning we were again in the lineup together. A friend, and novice
paddler, paddled out on his new SUP.  The surf was smaller than the previous
day but still fun.  The "newcomer" saw the paddler, frowned and made a derogatory
remark about SUP's.  The paddler did not hear "newcomer's" remark.  He happily
paddled through the lineup filled with aloha, wishing everyone he knew a good morning, alerting the crew when he spied a set on the horizon, and paddled away from the main peak.

I looked at "newcomer" and commented that in the water we can make mistakes by
judging people by what they ride.  It's not the surf craft but rather the surfer we should
get to know.

Making snap judgments based only upon external appearance or inaccurate expectations
causes enough stress in the world.  Aloha means not judging.

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