Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Keep it simple

One of the things I love about surfing
is the simplicity.  All you need is a board,
a wave, a wetsuit or boardshorts, and time.
Not a lot of fancy dodads.  Not a lot of
technology.  I often look at windsurfers
or kite surfers or divers and think that
it looks like fun but there is so much 
equipment involved, so many moving parts,
so much to coordinate and set up.  

Keeping life simple is another thing I love.
It makes me feel better.  Many of the folks
I see in my office are stressed beyond belief
because their lives are too complicated.  They
never seem to consider the price we pay for
moving from simplicity.  

Sure it's great to have a quiver but there is some
peace in not having to choose which board to ride
today.  I'm not sure which surf film it is where I
saw Joel Tudor saying the same thing.  He had a
car full of boards and stressed about which one he
should be riding.

Try to find out where simplifying your life can make
it easier.  It might have you thinning your quiver and
making your choices not so overwhelming.

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