Monday, July 28, 2008

Resources are finite

Each morning as I walk along the beach I find
plastic.  Plastic bottle caps, water bottles, kids
beach toys, bags are, unfortunately more common
than unusual shells or sharks teeth. They are abundant.

Oil, we are told, is a finite resource yet we have those
among us who believe that there are infinite amounts
of oil under the sea.

Sand is a precious resource yet we have those who
want to dredge it from the ocean floor and place it
on the beach to protect a few homes.  The reefs that
they are burying are also a precious finite resource.
But some don't seem to care.

On a more personal level, what resources do you
squander or hold dear?  Health is one of the most 
precious resources we have.  Do you protect your
health by exercising, eating right, getting enough
sleep or do you ignore the value of your health.
How about time? Some never seem to have enough
yet think they have plenty of time.  A client of mine
thinks that the dishes in the sink must be cleaned
before she can meditate or exercise.  No surprise
she never has enough time for the things that she 
"wants" to do because she feels compelled to do
things she "has to do" like dusting the bookshelf.

Resources be they personal or planetary are finite.
How can we avoid squandering them?

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