Friday, July 18, 2008

Watching the sun come up

Today is the 7th day in a row of waves courtesy of Hurricane Bertha.  The tides have been
such that I've been up at 5am and in the water as the sun has been rising out of the Atlantic
for a week now.  What a gift!  The world is pretty quiet - except for a few fellow souls with
coffee mugs in hand, making sure that we can still surf.  My dog Happy, a native of Puerto Rico,
loves getting up and joining me for this sunrise ritual.  We both are grateful for what is, the beauty of the moment, and for the possibilities that await us on this new day. There is a morning prayer in some religion where we each give thanks for waking from the dead and being given another day of life.  It sure is hard to be stressed, anxious or worried at 5am watching a red ball rise out of the ocean, watching waves, and dolphins.  

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Jim Moriarty said...

bill, i'm redeyeing it to hatteras tonight... there's surf?! I can't see it on surfline... stoked at the thought of intersecting with a hurricane.
PS. Your dog has the best name in the world, Happy.

Oh yea, just did a podcast with Daryl (he moved out to Encinitas from DC).