Sunday, July 20, 2008

You don't know what you've got til it's gone

The title of this blog are words from the Joni Mitchell song "They paved paradise
and put up a parking lot".  Now that in itself is a great subject for a later date.
Yesterday I spent time with 2 friends who have been surfing for many many years.
Both, despite being over 50, are as stoked as ever and still rip.  Strangely
both have, within the past year, undergone surgery to replace a hip.  

I heard a common theme emerge as we spoke.  " You have no idea how much I
missed surfing during the months of rehabilitation. I couldn't wait to get back
in the water. I seem to enjoy surfing even more now than ever."  

There are important lessons here.  Enjoy life, enjoy what you have each day, cherish
the people around you, don't squander away your time.  Chaos theory teaches us that
the only constant is change.  Some changes will be good, others bad yet none will
last forever.  Each of my friends are much better at living in the moment now thanks
to their time out of the water.  I surely benefit from the lessons others have to teach.
Enjoy today!!! Enjoy each session, each wave, each friend, each loved one today because
like the surf...who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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Stray Cat said...

"You never know what the tide will bring..." (Castaway)

Just found your blog via Saltwater Buddha's blog. Thanks for the daily Zen!