Sunday, March 8, 2009

Almost perfect

This evening was almost perfect!  The sky was
clear blue and the wind calmed a bit after 4
days of 30 mph + sustained winds.  A great surf band,
the Supertones, was playing at Calypso for happy hour.
The crowd of  Rincon regulars sprinkled with tourists
and those making their annual surf pilgramage were
all in place enjoying the vibe.

Calypso is a wonderful place to watch sunset and tonight
seemed just about perfect.  Everyone looked westward
as the sun began its' decent into the ocean.  The music
played and the anticipation of one of the best sunsets
in weeks was in the air.  Than it happened.  With about
2 minutes to go a tiny cloud, the only cloud in the sky,
drifted ever so slowly towards the setting sun.  
You could feel the momentary let down as the sun moved
behind the cloud.  Ahh.

An almost perfect sunset.  Oh well there will be another
chance tomorrow.  That's what is so nice about tomorrows.
There is always another chance.  For tonight, almost perfect
was really good.  A great ending to another day.  Celebrate
all your days.

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