Thursday, March 12, 2009

When stormy seas calm down

As surfers we are addicted to watching the ocean.
Some days the winds howl and seem to be
blowing in every which direction making for big
angry seas with out of control, unrideable  surf.  On
those days we watch and wait.  The winds eventually 
turn more favorable and organize the surf
into something more manageable, more lined up.
As the storm subsides and the sun comes out we know
that all will be well, that we will surf.  Not everyone
knows what we do.

Today a client of mine discussed the recent months
in his life.  He'd been experiencing stormy conditions
with out of control seas.  Illness and family stress can
do that. 

We engaged in imagery training during
our session using the ocean image, my client seemed to
respond.  He was  able  to calm his mind and body.  He was
able to  see the out of control seas of his life line up and
become rideable.  The lesson we, as surfers, all know
is a valuable one in helping us all get through tough times.

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