Monday, March 23, 2009

No Blue No Green

Yesterday the water here at my local break 
was crystal clear.  We were joking in the
lineup that it was "almost tropical".  The almost
part was directly related to the temperature, about
43 degrees, not the clarity.  The beautiful blue
green water and the amazing visibility added a nice
dimension to a familiar break.  Seeing the rocks as
we surfed over them really enhanced  the experience.

The beautiful water reminded me of a recent talk
I heard by Dr. Sylvia Earle.  Please check it out it's
on a thought provoking web site  Dr. Earle,
on of the planets pre-eminent ocean scientists, sounds
the call for all of us.  Our oceans are not healthy.  Without
healthy oceans our planet is in peril. As she puts it "no
blue, no green".

That concept, taking care of our most basic resources,
really struck me as profound on many levels.  Sure
it's true for the planet, but it is also true on a personal
level.  If we pollute our bodies with chemical junk
how can we be healthy?  If we don't exercise the way
we should we can't expect to be well.  If our thoughts
are toxic how can we expect to be happy?

All our resources are finite.  If we don't take care of them
we can't be healthy.  Seems to me a quote from my
old friend Doc Paskowitz seems to sum up our overall
state of affairs these days.  Let me paraphrase " just
because you're not sick doesn't mean you're healthy".
Let's all work on health for ourselves and our planet.

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