Wednesday, March 4, 2009


How lucky am I?  I've been here in Puerto Rico
watching NJ suffer through not only the most
significant snowfall they've had in years, but more
frigid temperatures and wind chills.  

It has been with mixed feelings that I've watched
the weather reports these past few days.  Obviously,
I'm grateful to be here and not digging, scraping, 
and freezing, but I also feel great empathy for the
people who are there.  A storm and cold snap in
March is hard.  Most everyone has about had it
with winter and is counting the days until spring.
As someone recently commented about winter
"I'm over it!".

Here I sit writing after a morning surf session, outside
on the deck, with the breeze gently blowing, and the sun
periodically escaping behind clouds.  Am I grateful!!!
Gratitude, research tells us, is an important ingredient
of happiness.  Being grateful for what you have rather
than looking at the things you don't makes us all
feel better.  It also helps to look at those who are less 
fortunate than we are.  Lord knows there is a world
full of people less fortunate.  Realize that you are blessed,
be grateful.  

I'm heading out for another session - don't mean to rub
it in. I am grateful and lucky.

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Salva Tres Palmas said...

Doc, don't forget what they say about the month of March, "in like a lion, out like a lamb." Hope springs eternal. Now if these pesky north winds could back off...