Saturday, March 28, 2009

Simon is one year old today

My grandson Simon is a year old today.  What
amazing changes have taken place in these 12 short
months.  His world, his capabilities and ours are
surely different than they were one year ago.

A year ago most weren't thinking about the global
recession, didn't know what AIG was.  A year ago
a glacier in Iceland was a few feet larger than it
is today.  A year ago billions of plastic bags had yet
to be manufactured and millions of plastic water
bottles had yet to be filled, emptied, and discarded
thoughtlessly. I wonder what a years worth of trash and
runoff look like?

How much sugar did you eat in a year? How much oil
have you used?  How many miles have you walked, 
peddled or swam?  How many waves have you caught?
Have you loved or lost someone special this year?

A year can mean a lot to each and every one of us and
to our lives.  A year can impact our planet in significant
ways.  A a gift to Simon, if I can be so presumptuous,
please take better care of yourselves, your loved ones,
your fellow humans, and our precious planet this year.
Do what you can each day for yourself and for Simon. Thanks!

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