Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Connect and learn

Surfing has provided me with many wonderful gifts.  
Perhaps one of the greatest has been the gift of friendship.
Over the years I've met people all over the globe.  All sorts
of folks, not just surfers.  Each one different in their own 
way, each with a belief system, and point of view uniquely
their own.  Being open, listening, and trying to understand
others has helped open my eyes and at times altered my 

I've learned lots about, simplicity, and joy, from
my neighbors in Puerto Rico. Friends in Australia have
helped me develop more of a "no worries" philosophy.
I've learned lessons about respect and  been taught
the true meaning of Aloha from Hawaiian friends.

It sure would be nice if those running for office, as well
as their diehard supporters, could learn the lessons I've
learned from my surfing life. There are many ways to think
about life, many beliefs systems. Condemning one simply
because they are not like you, or their beliefs differ from yours
is down right stupid.  I don't believe those stuck in our
presently polarized political process have learned that yet.  

It would be wonderful if we could  try to be open, listen, try
to understand others, even a little bit.  Dial down the rhetoric,
curtail the criticism, learn some respect and aloha.  We'd all be
better of for it.

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