Friday, September 12, 2008

Kelly Slater

Yesterday Kelly Slater won the Boost Mobile Pro
at Trestles.  Another first place finish on this years
world tour.  Slater is setting records and performing
at a staggering pace all but wrapping up an unprecedented
9th world title.  Consider that he won his first
Trestles contest 17 years ago.

How can a 36 year old perform at such a level.  Slater
is one of the oldest surfers on the tour and he seems
to be getting better every year.  What can we observe?
What lessons can we learn from this champion.  

Clearly Kelly Slater is in amazing physical shape.  He
works at his health by watching what he eats,  stretching,
working on strengthening and endurance.  Much has been
written lately about Kelly's attitude and outlook.  He acknowledges
having worked to "let go" of pressure and trying to view
his surfing with a more playful attitude.  Winning is no longer
a life or death mission.  It never should have been, it's surfing.
No surprise either is that Kelly is connecting with the world
in a different way.  This year he, along with  my friend Dr. Dorian
Paskowitz, brought surfboards to Palestine.  They saw surfing as
having the potential to connect with something larger.

Kelly Slater may have a few things to teach us about surfing and
about how life can impact surfing.

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