Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trestles and a sense of frustration

I spoke to a few friends who were at the hearings
in Del Mar on Monday, once again, opposing the
ill thought out toll road proposal.  They were very
frustrated and feeling somewhat hopeless.  Seemed
to them that these hearings were structured in a way 
that gave proponents of the toll road the upper hand.

Hum...a large corporate, money making entity getting
special treatment and being given the upper hand by the
government.  Sound familiar?  It should on a day that
congress is debating a trillion dollar bailout for large,
corporate, money making entities on Wall Street while
everyday people struggle with mortgages, the high cost
of living, and growing fears about their jobs.

What about us?  What about all the volunteers who took
off from work and gave of their time and energy to try
to stop the destruction of the last remaining open space
beach park, with a world class wave, in So Cal?  No one
paid for them to be there...unlike the orange shirted,
union construction workers in attendance.  What about the
thousands of people who surf Trestles or enjoy the park every

Seems that there is a growing sense amongst many these days
that they, as everyday people, don't matter.  That sense of
frustration leads to hopelessness, depression, despair, and
anxiety about the future. I see it in my office daily. I even hear 
about it in the line-up these days.

How do you cope with those feelings? What action(s) do you 
choose to take to cope with the stressors in your life? Seems that
the best we all can do is take control of the things we can control.
Are you???  

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