Friday, September 26, 2008

Wisdom of the Wave

I don't hide the fact that I am a surfer and a waterman.
There is a Greg Noll Da Cat hanging on the wall in my
office waiting room and Surfer, ESM, and Surfrider' Making
Waves are scattered amongst the more usual magazines in the
magazine rack.  Sometimes it results in some very interesting,
and I hope beneficial, interactions with my patients.

Recently a client brought in an article they'd found in the
Sunday newspaper magazine.  It was an interview with
Laid Hamilton discussing 10 lessons about life he'd learned
from his from his life as a waterman.  I love them and over
time will write about each.

The first lesson is one about humility and vulnerability.
"Know you are (but) a speck on the water".  We really aren't that
significant in the big picture, kind of like drops in the ocean or
grains of sand on the beach.  When we begin to think too much
of our own importance we can find ourselves in trouble.  A client
told me this week that Ego can stand for 'Edging God Out".  Not a
wise thing to do.  The ocean was here long before we were and 
hopefully will be here long after we are gone. 

Surfing and life are all about learning lessons and moving on to
the next lesson without forgetting what we've learned.

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