Friday, September 5, 2008

This worrying will kill me

There is an interesting trailer for the upcoming remake/update
of the movie "Surfer's" on the Billabong web site.  It's pretty
cool that the movie has been updated.  Watching  Dora, Greg Noll,
both the young and older Kelly Slater, and others talk about surfing
is classic.  One comment Tom Curren made really struck me.  Curren
said that "especially when it (the surf) is dangerous you can avoid
getting hurt by just going for it".

A client of mine reflectively said to me in a session the other day 
"this worrying is going to kill me".  How right he is.  I'm sure we all
have found ourselves in a situation where we could either be paralyzed
by worry or go for it.  Whether it has been pushing over the ledge of a
big, scary, steep wave or deciding to leave a job or marriage.  Curren's
advice seems pretty on target to me..."you can avoid getting hurt by just going
for it".  Too much worry or hesitation can kill you.  Going for it, as long as
we trust ourselves, our instincts, and our skills, is usually much better than worrying.

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