Friday, August 1, 2008

Amongst the pod

Today was one of those special sessions.  The ones you 
remember and talk about for years.  

Thanks to SUP's I find myself in the water on mornings
when the surf is too small for a surfboard.  Here in NJ
late July and August often means warm sunny mornings, 
warm water, offshore winds, and tiny surf. Paddling sure
beats bike riding for morning exercise on days like these.

This morning as I emerged from inside an L shaped jetty I
found myself in the midst of a pod of dolphin.  Standing
on my board  provided me with a perspective I've never had
before.  What surfer hasn't seen dolphins come through a
line-up? But today, standing made the experience different.  
Having a paddle allowed me to just about keep up with them.
Feel like I was among them in a way I've never felt before.
They allowed me to accompany them for about a mile before
they sped up on their journey south.  I was smiling, awestruck
and thankful the entire way.

I felt part of our amazing planet.  One creature amongst many.
Whatever concerns I may have had were nonexistent in the moments
I spent amongst the pod.  I was totally living in the moment, having
a "here and now" experience.  I felt alive, calm, and at peace.  I often
talk to clients about trying to ground themselevs in the "here and now".
Watching the pod cruise along reminded me of just how important
it is for us all.  Hours later I'm still glowing as the image and memory
of my morning with the pod guides me through the day.

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