Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welcome Lucy

Gerry Lopez, in his new book "Surf is where you
find it" wrote that "Life goes on and surf...continue(s) to
come on a schedule entirely it's own and almost impossible
to predict".  There is a saying by some renowned religious
leader that seems similar in it's own way.  "Man makes plans 
and God laughs".  Surfing teaches us that you never know,
some things are out of our control.

Those words rang true for me this past week as my granddaughter
Lucy came into the world.  Lucy came on her own schedule
and in her own way.  My daughter and son in law made elaborate
plans.  Lucy was to be born naturally in a water birth.  Well,
that's not exactly how things worked out.  After an emergency C section
for mom, and a few days in the NICU for Lucy, today is homecoming.
I'm grateful, happy, and relieved.

Life, like the surf, goes on a schedule all its' own.  We try to predict
and make plans but often we are reminded that some things
are out of our control.

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Stray Cat said...

The uncertainty and the uniqueness of each wave either frustrates me or energizes me, depending on my frame of mind at the moment.