Tuesday, August 19, 2008


If nothing else surfing teaches us to be patient.
Surfing isn't something that you can learn easily it
requires time, persistence, and patience.  We
can't make the waves come.  Only mother nature
can do that.  All we can do is watch, learn, and be patient.
Even when we have a swell we must be patient.  We 
wait for breaks in the white water through which to
paddle.  We wait for a lull in the set to make a sprint to
the line up.  Even after we've made it into the line up we
generally have to wait patiently for our wave.  Well
some surfers don't quite understand that part (again a topic
for another day).

For some people patience is a commodity that is
in short supply.  At certain times in our lives our patience
is tested.  I'm watching my daughter try to be as patient as
possible.  She is about to have her first child, a girl.  Her
official due date was last week but...patience, patience, patience.
My grand daughter will come, like the next swell, the next wave
in her own time. We really can't make it happen sooner.
My daughter heard that spicy food can help speed things 
up so tonight it's either Mexican  food, Thai food, or 25 cent all 
you can eat spicy chicken wings.   Who knows maybe it will work? 
In the mean time I'll remember a lesson that my years of surfing has
ingrained in me, I'll just practice patience!

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40something said...

Where does one get .25 all you eat spicy wings!?!?!