Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Morning Mess

Why is it that some people feel that someone else
will take care of it?  This morning, as is the case most
Mondays, the beach was a mess with litter and things
left behind by weekend beach goers.  I came home
with 2 pails, 2 shovels, and 2 towels.  I picked up
8 plastic bottles, 3 beach chairs a beach umbrella, more
than a dozen cups with straws but to name just of few of
the treasures.

I was speaking with a client who is quite anxious about
his recovery from cancer.  The doctors have completed
 their treatment and we spoke about things he could do.
His view was that it was the doctors job to cure him. He
didn't see that he may have a role.  It never even occurred
to him that eating right, exercising, enjoying his life, following
his passions, and making a difference might help strengthen
his immune system, help him control what he could in his
hopes to be cancer free.  He saw it as someone elses job.

Surfer's generally know that you have to take some responsibility
for yourself.  No one else can paddle and catch the wave for you.
There is no magic or easy way to learn to become a surfer.  Sure
anyone can buy the trendy board shorts and take a lesson but you
basically have to do it yourself.  Sure there are others who can
coach you along. But no one can do it all for you. In life it's your
job, your responsibility whether it's picking up your trash, trying
to fight cancer, or learning to surf.  Don't simply sit back and wait
for others to do it!

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David said...

Great post, Dr. Bill! I really enjoy reading your entries.