Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stephen, the dogs, the stick, and the waves

I love watching 5 year old Stephen and his dog
each morning at the beach.  Stephen's happy there and it shows!
Almost every day he combs the beach looking for treasures
and always, thanks to dad's example, fills up the bag he
brings from home with trash.  When the weather and 
water are warm, and waves (or lack thereof) are right
Stephen his dog Pepper and my dog Happy romp together
in the surf.

Today Stephen and the dogs gleefully played for, what 
seemed like hours, with a stick.  He'd throw the stick as
5 year olds do, then he and the dogs would run into the
ocean after it.  Usually a dog got it first.  Next they'd
all seemingly wait for a wave to bodysurf into the shore.
Did you ever watch 2 dogs and a 5 year old bodysurf a 1 ft
wave?  You should.

I'm not sure who enjoyed the morning more Stephen, Happy,
Pepper, Stephen's dad or me.  Simple pleasures, simple joys.
What a way to start the day.  Throw a stick, ride a wave, laugh,
pick up some trash, play with the dogs.  It doesn't get better
than this! 

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