Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Waves are everywhere

As surfers we seem obsessed with waves.  How many 
times have you told someone that you're "going to
check the waves"?  Have you heard someone tell you
that the "waves were awesome today"?  Well the ocean
is not the only source of waves.

Have you ever ridden the waves of your breath?  Working
with your breathing is an amazing experience. It can calm
you, energize you, and even help your surfing.  Try riding
the waves of your breath.  Inhale deeply into your abdomen
your lower lungs.  Watch  your stomach rise as you inhale.
Pay attention as first your stomach fills up than your chest than
be mindful as the breath turns.  Like a wave receding from the 
shore, be aware of the point of change from inhale to exhale.  
Perhaps you can use the image of the shorebreak - no not the
Waimea shorebreak- rather the gentle lapping of waves on
the shore.  In and out slowly, peacefully, gently.

Ride the waves of your own breathing.  It just might have some
profound impact.  Think about it for a moment, the word respiration
actually means to re spirit yourself.  In the words of Jimmy Buffet
"Breathe in Breathe Out Move On".  An overall good life philospohy.

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