Monday, August 25, 2008

A break in the routine

  It's been a while since we've had a decent swell.  
I've been riding and enjoying my SUP for the last
month "sweeping" almost daily.  Today, thankfully,
we had some fun surf.  The wind was offshore and
the sets almost chest high.  For the first time in
a while I didn't take my SUP out.  Today I rode my
high performance longboard and had a blast.  It was
almost as if my surfing and stoke were renewed.  
I felt looser, more amped, and a bit more aggro.  What
a fun change.

How often do we all get stuck in a routine?  We do the
same thing without necessarily thinking about it almost
as if it is a knee jerk response.  Mindfully changing the 
routine can offer a fresh perspective on life.  It doesn't
have to be a dramatic change.  Perhaps you always eat
lunch in your office.  Go out instead.  Exercise using
a different routine, drive on a different road.  Enjoy
noticing what a simple change in the routine can do for you.

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