Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The beach changes

It's amazing how the ocean can rearrange a beach almost
overnight.  The long groin(jetty) at the south end of Loch Arbour
goes through amazing changes from day to day and from season
to season.  Most people never even notice it. Never realize
how dynamic the ocean is.

LA now looks like a point break.  Sand has built up all
along the groin wide enough to walk to the end at low tide.
The dogs love it! The sand bar that has built up is huge.  
The waves now peak up at the usual spot and the end of the jetty 
and peel along the new sand bar just like a point break.  I can't
wait for the next south swell, predicted for this week.  My own 
LA will look, feel, and act more like Rincon, Malibu, or J Bay 
than the Jersey Shore.  How cool is that?

Noticing small changes in nature and in ourselves is all part
of being "mindful", aware of all that makes up our lives.  Try
being mindful, focus and take note of the little things you'd
usually never focus on like your breathing, your eating, your

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