Friday, December 26, 2008

It's all relative

Yesterday we had a nice Christmas surprise.  We
awoke to find some fun waist to chest sized waves,
fairly mild temperatures in the low 50's, offshore
winds, and water temperatures just below 50 degrees.
Not too bad for the end of December.  Not too bad
is a relative term.

Terry Gibson is a dear friend and Florida native.  He
is one of the most passionate activists I know and one
hell of a writer and editor.  Terry is quite the fisherman,
hunter, and surfer and all around great travel partner. I
love that Terry can take being teased with the best of them.

Last week Terry was in NJ on a cold, blustery day when
Sandy Hook was breaking.  Now when Terry talks about
cold water or cold weather you must remember that he
is a Florida boy through and through.  Cold means wearing
a 3 mil wetsuit without booties in 60 degree water.  That's
his cold.  I'm still smiling after hearing  him tell me about his
experience at Sandy Hook.  " I don't know how you guys do it"
he said amongst other memorable things.

Einstein's theory of relativity may or may not apply to Terry.
I do know that for the entirety of Terry's session he was fully
experiencing the moment, fully alive and loving every cold
minute of it.  

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