Monday, December 8, 2008

A cold, calm, clean beach and a rubber candy cane

Yesterday the temperatures were downright cold here in NJ.
Add to that a bitter NW wind at 30 mph and you get a great day
to stay indoors.  Today the morning temperatures were in the
low 20's but the wind was calm.  The beach, thanks to yesterdays
wind was covered with sand from the dunes.  Not a footprint
in sight with sand like dry, cold, hard powder.  No one around.
Just me and Happy my canine companion.

Today was the first time I had to put on my winter ski jacket.
To Happy's surprise stuffed in the pocket, left over from last year,
was his rubber candy cane.  Seemed we'd both forgotten about it.
It took a nano second for both of us to remember just how much
he loved that candy cane.  Happy eyed it with the look that one
gets when seeing a long lost friend.  We both spent about an hour
or so on the beach with no one else around.  I walked, he dug and
when I'd gotten far enough away he'd grab the candy cane and come

Happy is originally from Puerto Rico, the dumpster at the Mayaguez
Home Depot to be exact.  He and I both prefer warm water, warm air,
and palm trees, but today was pretty special.  Guess we both found 
joy on a cold clean beach. 

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40something said...

Ah - how sweet! But have to remind you that is MY candy cane! D-