Sunday, December 21, 2008

Connecting with the wave

Kelly Slater is amazing and might be the bast surfer
the world has ever seen.  Slater has the ability to
surf well and fit in to waves of all sizes.  As he matures
it is interesting to notice how his environmental
awareness and philosophical approach to surfing 

In a recent interview Slater talked about "putting
so much heart and soul into the moment".  A truly
Zen like way to look at life.  He went on to describe
his approach to surfing by saying "as a wave presents
itself, you do whatever you are asked (by it) to do".
You take your lead from the wave or life, rather than trying
to impose your will upon it.  In the same interview he
discussed "some kind of connection between people
and the environment, that when done the right way...
when you see people link things together in just the
right way, it's like that thing already existed, that was
what was supposed to happen.  My goal, all the time,
is to feel like I'm in tune with the wave and the environment".

Isn't that how we all should look at our behavior, our
connection with our planet and all it has to offer? We
must aim to fit in, be part of, and link with the environment.
The US Oceans Commission and the Pew Oceans Commission
recommended we take an ecosystems management approach
to looking at the ocean and its' worsening problems. Most of
those problems have come from us not being "in tune" as
Slater describes it,  not seeing our place as part of the
ecosystem, with our oceans, or our environment.

Strive to be "in tune", to "link" and to "put your heart
and soul in the moment".  Interesting thoughts from an
amazing surfer.  Thanks Kelly 

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