Monday, December 29, 2008


Yesterday was 60 degrees here in NJ.  What a nice late
December surprise.  It was the kind of day that the further
inland you were the warmer it was courtesy of a south wind
blowing at 20 mph or so.  Walking on the boardwalk or at
the beach was a cool challenge while walking a mile or so
inland where the wind velocity was broken was a spring like
pleasure.  What a variation.

Today brought bright sunshine, temperatures in the 40's and
a nice little south swell.  The break at the end of my street 
looked like Malibu with waist high peelers that went on
forever. The variation in the sandbars have made for this unusual

The ocean, the waves, the beach, and the weather all vary.  Our moods
can vary as can our outlook on things.  Accepting variations rather
than fighting them can add pleasure to our lives.  Appreciating that
things aren't generally the same can be a calming thought because
that means change is inevitable.  Some changes will be great and changes
we welcome while others might not be so good.  It's good to know
that everything eventually varies, everything eventually changes.  Nothing
lasts forever.

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